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TLS-Bureau Ltd. is a translation agency in the form of a limited liability company, which is duly registered at "Companies House" in the UK and Wales. Our Company Number is 798-6775 and our tax address is:

Suite 18328 -Lower Ground Floor
145-157 St John Street
London - EC1V 4PW
United Kingdom

In addition to England, we also have commercial offices and representation in United States of America, Australia, Mexico, Italy, Germany, Canada, France and Spain, with a different and/or independent legal status in each country.

At TLS-Bureau we are aware that the world is constantly changing. The power of the Internet to connect people is restructuring market dynamics significantly. What was once known as an interview with a client or partner has evolved into the exchange of a few emails.

This new era requires a new way of thinking, because when faced with a radical change, the main objective is to connect the different parties who require a specific translation service. This is where we find ourselves: At TLS-Bureau we speak your language and are familiar with both your culture and that of the people who will receive your translation.

We are excited by this constantly changing world. We are waiting with open arms to leverage our proven experience in the translation sector. With the benefits of the latest technologies we are able to offer our clients and partners flexible and intelligent solutions that will meet their many challenges. We can build relationships that innovate and anticipate demand directly, with the new and unexplored power of communicating in any language with the rest of the planet that awaits you.

The TLS-Bureau group is comprised of people characterised by their intelligence and willingness to provide that little bit extra imparting some of their native their culture and knowledge to the work they undertake.

Welcome to the future of human relationships. Welcome to TLS-Bureau

Work with us!

If you are a translator and you love the world of translation and especially what we do at TLS-Bureau, we want to meet you!


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