Our Servers

Our Data Center is equipped with the latest technology in server hosting and equipped with the most advanced infrastructure of our country, thus providing the safest and most efficient service possible.

Key Features of the Data Center.

Access Control Security and Surveillance.

The security systems, access control and surveillance follow the strictest standards, including:

. Access control through an Electronic System with proximity cards.
. Control of opening doors.
. Permanent physical security service and access control (24 hours a day).

Batteries and Generators

The batteries that power the system are maintenance-free Sealed Lead type and gas recombination (10/12 year half life). These batteries are capable of giving autonomy to 100% load for a minimum of 3 hours.

Complementing these batteries, a generator is installed on the roof of the building. The characteristics of this generator are Volvo Engine with an output of 451 kVA, with unlimited autonomy, while filling the fuel through the fuel tank with a capacity of 940 litres. The whole setup is mounted on a metal cabin soundproofed and fully equipped for the use to which it applies.

Power Supply

The electricity supply in the equipment room includes the following advanced elements:
. Panel with selective Protections (including circuit breaker and differential circuit).
. Circuits Power Racks UPS systems dual redundant power supply.
. Circuit Sales Network (Dirty Power) in APRA room perimeter and testing support services

Air Conditioning

It has an air conditioning system with degree n +1 redundancy. The temperature tolerances are 22oC ± 2oC (adjustable).

Detection and Extinction of Fires.

A centralized system managed by plants, through smoke detectors in the environment and an early detection system by absorption of oxygen, the control and prevention of any fire that might occur in the Data Center.

The elements and structure, both sustaining and sustainable, ensure the stability against the fire in EF-90 grade according to the FPO (Fire Protection Ordinance).

In case of an emergency, the building is duly signposted for both the material required as for the emergency exits that are perfectly visible.

The most advanced engineering is at the service of your data and of your projects.

Welcome to the latest computer technology.

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