General Translation Services

In this section you can learn about our broad experience in various fields, each with different degrees of specialisation, but actually quite different from each other.
Daily work on TLS-Bureau's offices is really wide-ranging, and sometimes complex, but we have a most important principal on which all departments work together, and that is: to find the best translator for each project. We endeavour to find translators WORLDWIDE with enough qualifications and skills to handle any translation subject.

Each subject has specific features, so, for each language pair, and for each and every subject, we rely on tens of specialists for whom the specific area is familiar and routine.
Our translators are located in our offices in Madrid, Paris, London or Argentina, as well as in their own homes all over the world.

Work with us!

If you are a translator and you love the world of translation and especially what we do at TLS-Bureau, we want to meet you!


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