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Professional translation is the core of our activity. We translate millions of words per year, considering all the languages we master.

In TLS–Bureau we take pride in the excellent relations we maintain with our translators, most of whom have been part of our team for several years. Thanks to this (and to them) we are able to say that: Quality, Service and Confidentiality are the abiding principles between us and our clients, and between us and our translators, thus achieving an excellent collaborative network

We have the resources, the staff and the experience it takes to coordinate in a professional manner all project types, of any given size or complexity.

With the help of our language resource bank, built up throughout our many years of existence, we can easily perform searches for almost any given subject, and thus achieve complete, precise translations.

Working with native translators, who live in the country where their work is to be read, results in more natural-sounding translations, since the professional has first-hand knowledge on language usage and local culture

With the aim to ensure a coherent, precise business identity, we endeavour to assign your projects always to the same translation team. Glossaries are kept and updated on a daily basis, and a thorough research of technical terms is undertaken during each translation project.

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