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With the strong boom of the Internet era, even the smallest of companies or individual business persons can effectively "become international". You should bear in mind that, with so many countries in the world, there are many geographical areas that may become potentially attractive for your website.

Any unexploited sector is a potential emerging market. It can be either a social sector within its local market, or any of the numerous countries in the world; imagine easily reaching Latin America, the United States or Africa… There is a strong demand arising for certain products and services.

From an optimization point of view, instead of translating your key words, what we need to do is search for those relevant key words adapted to each and every market. A literal translation of a key word may not fully match the word that the native speaker of another language may use when searching for products or services: there can be endless variations of phrases, including abbreviations, colloquial expressions, vulgarisms or words that are completely different from the intended meaning.

Traduction de sites web

TLS Bureau follows optimization procedures adapted to search engines or SEO (Search Engine Optimization), because we can help you identify the key words and phrases for each international market you choose to approach.

Every market should be treated as if having a different identity and it should be never taken for granted that what has worked in one country will automatically work in another. Placement is key; in fact, it is the essence of the internationalization process

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