Legal Translation

At TLS-Bureau translation agency, we translate legal texts for international, individual or family law, employment law, commercial law, immigration law, consumer rights, intellectual property, commercial disputes, medical errors etc.

Document Types::

Legal and judicial documents:

Citations Residency Permits Arrests
Mandates Proxies Evidence and Written Confessions
Renting Leasing Minutes and Conclusions
Licenses Expert Reports Letters
Sales Contracts Statutes  


Personal and family documents:

Birth Certificates Marriage Certificates Criminal Records
Registration Certificates Proof of identity and civil status Work and residence permits
Diplomas Study Certificates  


We also provide translations of records registration certificates (commercial, property, etc)

The Challenges of legal translation:

Leaving aside the cultural, language and terminology challenges for which the translator must find a solution, the translator that is faced with a legal text also faces specific problems that make our profession even more interesting and challenging.

The main challenge lies in the fact that often there is no equivalence between the terms or legal concepts of the source and target languages. In addition, legal institutions, the legislation and judicial procedures as a rule differ from one country to another. The translator must therefore forget about what we call "false friends", i.e., they must not perform literal translations, but instead find the true meaning of the concept in the target language.

In short, the translator has important texts before them (medical claims, arrests and detentions, criminal proceedings), and at TLS-Bureau we consider it of the utmost importance to respect the deadlines and time that the translator decides to invest in realising each project.



Among our clients who utilise this type of translation are: Lawyer's associations (both in countries where TLS-Bureau operates as well as others), notaries, the legal departments of companies operating in regulated sectors, individuals who are preparing a student residence abroad or foreign emigration.


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