Software Translation

No matter your area of work, there are major opportunities for your business to become global. An increasingly high number of companies need to be prepared for this global environment by launching multi-lingual versions of their products, with a very specific goal: To become more efficient and competitive on an international level.

Software localization goes beyond the mere creation of a program. The localization process comprises a wide range of computer programs such as: peripheral controllers (printers, photocopiers…), mobile phones or electronic pocket diaries. With localization you can adapt and optimize your existing products for new international markets.

At TLS-Bureau we can help you transform your existing products or services without altering their quality, applying all of our resources to guarantee the best delivery times and quality.

Thanks to a thorough analysis of software localization procedures, we can offer our ideas in connection with your target market. After exploring your product's user interface, online help, database components and/or technical documentation, we will outline the stages of our work plan, explaining each one in detail, so that you are able to carry out your project.

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