Journalistic Translation

The translation of your press releases will ensure a wider dissemination of your message. In particular international organisations and companies with representation or positioning abroad are those most interested in ensuring that their message reaches the international reader in their native language, with all this implies.

The translator that is faced with the translation of journalistic terminology, does so primarily based on two reference points: to translate stories or press releases and articles (opinion, analysis etc.).

Among the articles commonly translated at TLS-Bureau, a part is journals or magazines that are aimed at a particular area or simply a specific type of reader. Interestingly our most utilised service in this context is the translation of journals into languages other than Spanish for distribution in Spain. For example, into English for Andalucía, or German for the Balearic Islands.

The translator that translates this type of text must have an innate talent and skill for journalism as well as being a translator

News agencies, with which we work continuously, basically send us short news items or a teletype. At TLS-Bureau, we must turn that story into something interesting to the reader. To preserve the freshness of the news the translator will always be the same; they will be familiar with and able to capture the nuances that the media or company wants to transmit. They must be familiar with the context and perform research... but fundamentally they must keep the reader's interest.

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