Instruction Manuals

An instruction manual (also known as an instruction guide) is usually a book or booklet provided to all users of any product with a certain complexity in its use. The information contained in the instruction manual usually includes: Safety in the use of the product, Mounting instructions, Installation, Configuration, Programming, Maintenance, Troubleshooting, Code of Regulations, Technical Specifications, Warranty...

Often, even the instruction manual of a very simple product is multilingual, thereby ensuring both the manufacturer and the distributor that the item can be sold in different markets.

At TLS-Bureau we have adapted to the current reality of this fascinating field of technical translation. To reduce costs, many companies deliver their manuals in digital formats that do not require printing such as CD-ROM, DVD, PDF, videotape, or simply Internet download.

Don't worry; at TLS-Bureau in addition to all the necessary software, we are always working with our IT department to provide you with whatever IT solution you may require.

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