Marketing-Public Relations Translation

With globalisation and the opening of markets, communication between companies becomes a complicated obstacle. TLS-Bureau simplifies communication between commercial enterprises due to the quality of our translations.

Language is the main obstacle for a company to sell their products or services abroad. The translator must be a native of or resident in the country at which your statement is directed. We can help you with the translation of:

  • Flyers
  • Brochures
  • Etude de marché
  • Plaquette
  • Site Internet
  • Magazine
  • Emballage

Also, one of our star services is the translation of your emails with suppliers, partners or clients. Your e-mail can be translated in the same day!.

Why lose a customer who speaks a different language than yours? We will go hand in hand to wherever you want

Work with us!

If you are a translator and you love the world of translation and especially what we do at TLS-Bureau, we want to meet you!


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