Why TLS Bureau Translations?

Why TLS Bureau Translations?

  • The internationalization is key to the economic momentum ouf our country at a time like now. This is our contribution to its growth: to forget about our usual rates and make the achievement of their projects more accessible.
  • We are a translation agency 100% on-line: Forget about the traveling and welcome the latest generation computer technology at your service
  • No matter whether you are an individual or a company: we do not charge a minimum price for translation.
  • We do not charge extra because of the perceived "difficulty" or the "technical nature of the language". We assume that good work takes effort and dedication. So does ours
  • Translation between any combination of languages has the same price: Our team of translators is multilingual.
  • Do not worry, we know that deadlines are very important, that is why our translation team is made up of over 100 professionals located in 29 countries in world over who work while you get on with your business

Translate with TLS-Bureau

Transparent Rates
One Year Immediate Guarantee
Service 100% Online
31 Languages in our Catalogue
Encryption Computer Communications
Year 2011: More than 1,500,000 Words Translated
12 Years in the Field of Professional Translation
365 Days a Year from 10 to 24
Presence in 5 Countries

Security & Privacy

Encryption of the data transferred to avoid session 'abductions', including Firesheep
Payment gateway insurance of the VISA network, with all the guarantees of the Santander Bank
The SSL Certificates of our servers, are identical to those of the governmental authorities
99.9% of the transferred data are encrypted at 256 bits
Our web host searches for potential security vulnerabilities of our website with a daily safety analysis
Exclusive DNS that prevents the spoofing of our web, and the redirection of our visitors to malicious web sites

Work with us!

If you are a translator and you love the world of translation and especially what we do at TLS-Bureau, we want to meet you!


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