Two heads are better than one

In the increasingly complex current environment, it is more important than ever to develop and provide assistance and solutions where languages are concerned. At TLS-Bureau we work closely with our strategic and alliance partners to create first-class solutions that help organisations to manage their translation projects more effectively, with greater cost savings and with more confidence than any other company or society.
For clients, the added value of our offers and joint solutions means greater access to proven business solutions, to quick, cost-effective implementations, and to assistance throughout the entire business cycle. This collaborative approach reduces the cost of ownership, maximises investment in new technologies and allows customers to focus attention on their core business.

Partner Program
Within our program, our partners gain access to personalised resources and the assistance they need to promote, sell, develop and expand their products across all translation services. These partners also make an investment, each within their interests and capabilities, providing joint solutions with TLS-Bureau through a combination of solutions development, training, sales and marketing activities. This program offers a collaborative environment in which we work together to provide the solutions that clients need; because two heads are better than one.

Work with us!

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